Grace Precision Products offers high pressure (60KSI) and ultra-high pressure (90KSI) attenuator assemblies. While these are very mundane looking pieces of hardware, the amount of engineering required to produce a safe and long-lasting product is astonishing. And, while their mission is simple, which is to minimize pressure drop while the intensifier shifts, it is also critical in order to provide the quality of cut that waterjet is known for. The Extreme Safety
attenuators are GPP’s own patented design, while the Bridgeman attenuators are one of the oldest, and therefore most recognized designs in the waterjet industry.

Extreme Safety High Pressure Attenuators

Grace Precision Products is pleased to offer our patented* Extreme Safety Attenuator Technology, for both 60KSI and 90KSI service waterjet intensifier pumps. The wetted attenuator body and heads are fully encased in a thick stainless steel outer shell, which also serves as a “hollow stud” to hold the heads in place against the pressure. In the unlikely event of a wetted pressure component fatigue failure, the event will be safely contained within the shell.


  • All wetted parts enclosed in a robust stainless steel safety shell
  • Engineered, manufactured and tested using methods of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Division 3 for safety 
  • All potential failure modes engineered for safe leak-before-burst, including at the outer shell closure threads
  • Attenuator body and head wetted bores mechanically treated for long life

Attenuator models are offered in 60KSI (1.29L) and 90KSI (0.96L) versions, as well as a 94KSI (0.88L) version that is a drop-in replacement for Flow 94KSI pumps.

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Traditional Bridgman Seal Attenuators

Grace Precision Products offers traditional Bridgman seal attenuators that have been a staple in the waterjet industry since its inception. The pressure-energized seal has proven itself over decades of use to be a reliable (although, non-reparable) design.


  • Attenuator body and head wetted bores are mechanically treated for long life
  • Every assembly is pressure tested to 94,400 psi (6,509 bar) to seat the Bridgman seal and ensure the integrity of the components
  • 66,000 psi (4.550 bar) operating pressure at 32°-140°F (0°-60°C)
  • Assemblies are offered in 1.0 , 0.95 and 0.60 Liters capacities
  • Components per the Pressure equipment directive (PED) press tested to  1.43x operating or 94,000psi
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