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Ultra High Pressure 94ksi Cross Fittings


Low-Medium-High Pressure Valves, Fittings & Tubing

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About Us

Located in Webb City, MO, the Heartland of the U.S.A.

Grace Precision Products recently completed a 57% building expansion, increasing product portfolio growth & improving processes to better serve customers.

With the allocation of a dedicated Shipping & Receiving department, GPP is now able to respond faster & more efficiently to deliver precision parts to customers locally, nationally & globally.

High Pressure Tubing
High Pressure Tubing

We are growing!

We have finished building an additional 12,000 square-foot addition.
This will allow us to add offices for management, engineering, finance as well as a conference room and storm shelter.

To better serve our customers, we will move shipping and receiving into the new building to allow more space for our high pressure and ultra high pressure tubing. We will also have a dedicated space for work cell tube coning, threading, bending, coiling, and autofrettage. This will help us process tubes much faster than we are currently able to.

Customer Testimonials


We have been using GPP high pressure valves, adapters, couplers, and other related components in high-cycle 60,000 PSI waterjet orifice testing & cutting systems for the last several years. Over that time we have not experienced a single failure of any GPP component. The GPP team are industry pro’s who live and breathe waterjet, and their dedication to quality is apparent in not only the visual appearance of their parts, but also in their dependable performance and outstanding longevity. 

Bryan Ursic

 Vice President


I wanted to share with you the success we have had with our product you have been producing for us over the past 6 years. When your company proposed applying design changes to our product, based upon your understanding of high-pressure fatigue, we were hopeful we would see some incremental improvement in life. The results of your improvements have been exponential, far surpassing our wildest expectations in life improvements. Since partnering with Grace Precision, we have not experienced a single high pressure fatigue failure for the products you produce. Working with your company has been a competitive advantage for us and we truly see value in partnering with you in high pressure applications. I wanted to share this great success story with you and let you know your improvements have been truly remarkable.

Steve Davis

 Director of Operation


Following a 25 year relationship with the Grace Principals, in 2015 our company began working with Grace to develop waterjet intensifier pump components, assemblies and replacement parts. The experience and working relationship our companies has been incredible and resulted in American Machinery Group successfully producing 60kpsi and 90kpsi pump products to supply our extensive customer base. GPP has, without question, the best and most experienced team in the waterjet high pressure industry.

Denis Lufkin

Chief Engineer


1400 South Hall Webb City, MO 64870 Phone: 417-673-1919