High Pressure 40K-66K Psi Tubing

316 Tubing

304 Tubing

Inspection and Testing GPP’s tubing is inspected to assure freedom from all detectable seams, laps, and other flaws and fissures, as well as intergranular carbide precipitation or corrosion. Sample pieces are lot tested to confirm mechanical properties. Hydrostatic testing is also performed on a statistical basis at the working pressure of the tube. Additionally, our tubing receives wall inspection and testing by OD Eddy Current per ISO 10893-2:2011.

GPP offers Austenitic, cold-drawn, 316 stainless steel tubing in a variety of sizes. Available in 20 to 40-foot lengths, our tubing is designed to provide the same performance standards as our valves and fittings. GPP’s tubing is manufactured for applications requiring both strength and corrosion resistance.

Special Process: Extended Pressure-cycle service life of tubing can be significantly extended by a one-time factory process known as “autofrettage,” which involves a single over-pressurization to introduce favorable residual stresses into the tubing wall. Up to a 2.6X increase in pressure-cycle service, life can be achieved for 66,000psi tubing using this process, which is available at GPP as a factory option.

High Pressure 40,000-66,000 Psi Tubing

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